Please fill this out and return it to REX Roundtables for EXecutives for consideration in becoming a member of a REX Health Club Roundtable. PLEASE PRINT OR TYPE


1-Years in the Industry: 

2-Give a brief description of your background in the industry. 

3-Describe any major changes in your organization in the last year or two. 

4-Is your business growing ? 



Same as your major competitors 

5-List the owners and their % of ownership. 

6-Profile of your business. 

A. Number of clubs today   Number of clubs you will add in the next  12 months
B. Monthly dues for a single individual to join your club   / month
Fill in information below for your current design:
A. Square footage in fitness Sq ft in Group Exercise Sq. Ft. in tennis
B. Check facilities you have or indicate the number.
Number of Cardio Pieces Spinning Group Exercise
Child Care Sauna/Steam No of classes/wk
Juice Bar Spa Functional training
Restaurant Supplements Other
Pool Physical Therapy    
Tennis Weight loss program
[empty string]
C. Percentages (rough are fine) of revenue from:
Monthly membership Tennis/ Racquetball
Personal training Summer Camp
Programs fees Other
Restaurant/Juice Bar    
D. No of employees: Full time Part time
   No. of full time sales people
  No. of Group Exercise Instructors
  No. of accounting, reception, office staff
E. No. of members on monthly billing

7-Choose some key adjectives to describe your management style/philosophy. 

8-Top three challenges you face in your business today? . 


9. Top three challenges facing the industry in the next 3-5 years?. 


10. Business Performance 

Last full year
Year Before
Two Years Before
EBITDA as % of

11. Choose a number from 1 to 4 to show your work strengths. (1=highest, 4=lowest) 

 Get things done

 Get and keep things organized

 Create  Involve others

12. Where would you like to see your business in three years?  

13. Where would you like to see your personal life in three years?  

14. What do you hope to gain from joining a Roundtable of your business peers?  

15. What strengths, skills and experience would you bring to the others on a Roundtable? 

16. Indicate your priorities for the most desired qualities in your REX Roundtable. 

You have 100 points to distribute across all the items below. You can distribute them however you like. You could give 10 points to each of the 10 factors below if they were all equally valuable to you. Or you could give 100 points to one item and 0 to the rest. The total must add up to 100.
A place where I can get smart straight feedback on my business and how I lead it.
Having a group of industry peers to talk over decisions and plans with.

Growing a larger, more profitable, and more successful business.

Acquiring new skills and knowledge about leadership, management that fit my business.
An environment of high honesty and trust to address business issues.
Having no competitors in the same Roundtable.
A group of business friends who understand and care for one another.
Having the same, small group that meets again and again.
Being held accountable for following through on my decisions.
Regularly getting away from my business, yet still thinking about it

17. Any other questions or comments? 

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!

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